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Tissue Culture Plates

EarthOx Cell and Tissue Culture Plates are ideal for cell growth and cell yields. Available with surface treated and non-treated. Uniform well volume ensures tissue culture plates' equal growth surface area.  

  • Available with 5 different growth surface areas of 6, 12, 24, 48, 96 wells
  • Available in surface-treated or non-treated
  • Uniform well volume ensures equal growth surface area
  • Flat well bottom and round bottom plate
  • Well surface is smooth and free from striation to maximize usable growth area
  • Raised rims on wells with the uniform rings on the lid to reduce evaporation
  • Single position lid reduces the risks of cross-contamination and the handlingmistakes
  • Wells are labeled with alphanumeric code for easy identification
  • Suitable for all common instruments and automation
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Non-pyrogenic

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Tissue Culture Plates Offer Labs Proven Best Results

When it comes to tissue culture plates, the value for scientists, teachers and lab students is found in this growth medium used in a laboratory. In fact, it is now easy and convenient to buy tissue culture plates online at various biotechnology websites. Tissue culture plates are treated for culturing cells via tech process that allows for consistent surface for cell attachment to be studied. The products are sterile and now sold at competitive pricing online.

Another aspect of tissue plants is linked to petri dishes and other “culture dishes” that come in 100 or 500 “plates” per case. The plates are individually wrapped with a flat bottom for easy use by scientists, teachers and lab students who need these plants for culturing cells during experiments and diagnosis of disease and other uses. As lab supplies go, there is a view from biotechnology companies online that tissue culture products work best when “lab users have confidence in the product.” This is the view of a laboratory supplies company online that offer products for experts and students to explore cells survival and culture in various “growth mediums.”

Buy tissue culture plates online

EarthOx offers tissue culture supplies for medical and biology study. For example, a recent TEDMED talk online was aimed at bio-engineers. The scientist who presented the TED lecture said there has been steady growth when it comes to new lab products aimed at examining such things as human tissue. The benefit is “we can now grow organs instead of transplanting them with the aid of tissue cultures.” Meanwhile, a trending biotech company stated recently that its online sales have skyrocketed in the wake of new high-tech efforts to grow human tissue in labs where it was previously only studied.

Evolution of tissue cell surfaces

There are new scientific breakthroughs to help cure disease with the muse of new culture cell models being evaluated in high-tech labs, in college and high school biology classrooms and in medical centers where research has now become job #1 when it comes to disease diagnosis and treatment. This is the view of biology and pathology professionals who state that tissue culture dishes and plates can now transfer more cell material today than even in the recent past. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NCBI), there is now a greater demand for tissue cell research than ever before due to high-tech systems allowing for greater hope when it comes to a cure for cancer and other diseases that harm mankind.

NCBI officials state on its website that there are resources aimed at using tissue cell resources for genetic, genomic and biomedical data gathering than ever before. Thus, these tissue cell research products are of high value in labs where scientists, doctors and student researchers conduct investigations that may uncover new knowledge to help people facing disease and illness. Basic medical research “literally depends” on high quality tissue culture samples for applied research activities,” explained a longtime NCBI expert sharing views on a social networking site.

Tissue culture research trending

There are many lab investigators who swear by their tissue culture lab experiments as vital when it comes to studying various biomedical problems linked to human disease and cures. The tissue culture samples are used for detection and analysis of cells and human genes when it comes to research that involves repeating sequence patterns, protein structure elements and domains, and even mapping the human genome. This type of lab modeling using tissue cultures is how researchers found HIV infection cures; while this type of lab analysis of human cells is credited with new scientific breakthroughs in both government and academic research laboratories.

Tissues Culture Plates Aid Research

Thus, it if for good reason that today’s DNA sequence database results were aided by these high-tech tissue culture products sold online and featured in most professional and educational labs today. At the same time, there is a new high-tech retrieval system that uses computers to help track tissue culture results from the lab setting to collaboration with the National Cancer Institute and others in the scientific and medical communities.

Overall, there has never been a better time for those who work in labs to get the highest quality tissue cell research materials of the highest quality online at EarthOx.

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